#10ReasonsWhy: New Years Resolutions Should Be Taken Seriously (for the most part)


Our New Years Resolutions should be something to look forward to, a chance to renew our minds and a chance to trim the fat (lol get it.. cause everyone wants to lose some weight this time around.. AHEM.. sorry.. ok..).

This post, I’m hoping, will be put up on January 1st… if not sooner! Exactly a month after my first #10ReasonsWhy post. My excitement to actually accomplish this is so REAL… only because I tend to slack off when it comes to monthly posts (hence why it says in my first #10ReasonsWhy that I may or may not post once a month) and also, truthfully, just posts in general. It would be pretty cool if I kept myself accountable for even a small thing like this.

—-Disclaimer: Written on Christmas Eve (December 24th) 

Again, in no order, here are some of the many reasons why I believe that New Years Resolutions should be taken seriously – for the most part.

1. Much like an anniversary, New Years Resolutions inevitably happen EVERY year.

This one is super obvious, but you just can’t avoid them. The New Year is HUGE. It’s too big of a deal to just ignore, so why not partake? Each year, as cliche as it sounds, is a new opportunity not to ‘start fresh’, but to humbly build yourself up, take responsibility and reflect on the previous year(s) that  you’ve lived through and learned from.

2. New Years Resolutions aren’t supposed to magnify your failures.

A lot of the time, resolutions can make people feel extremely disappointed in themselves. Some believe that this long list just magnifies their failures in the past, attempting to go another year to try and succeed at them once again. A well-known and high up on the list example is losing weight. You usually see more people at the gym the first few months of the New Year, but again, those same people (most of them, at least) also tend to quit and mark this resolution as another failed attempt, hoping the next year will be more or less,  different. It’s a vicious cycle that TRULY needs resolving, not in the next New Year, but in the very same year. Just because you’ve failed after a few successful months, doesn’t mean that the entire year is going to be a let down. Don’t let it happen!

This leads me into my next point.

3. A New Year can in fact, mean a new you.

Not what you possess, or how successful you’ve been/ will be, but your new attitude going into a New Year. Not only does a positive attitude in our entire life create a happier and healthier you, but making a small change in your attitude to a specific area in your life often spreads throughout the other areas in your life. It can be tough to find joy in all circumstances, but whatever this New Year brings, a positive attitude can make your resolutions seem a whole lot more attainable.

4. We learn to set and obtain goals by making resolutions.

Personally, I feel a tad hypocritical writing about this point. I find it very difficult to set and obtain goals in my life even when I’ve made resolutions. For many, like myself, we like the idea of a resolution to say we have one to follow through with. Much of the time, our goal(s) are too big to really fit our head around. We never really set a specific goal… therefore… we can’t obtain it.

BUT! Creating smaller goals that stem off of this big goal can actually help quite a bit. Each small goal, that in our mind seems more attainable, creates healthy habits each time we conquer them. Each small goal that is stemmed from the big goal gets less scary every time we tackle them and by the end of the year, we are surrounded by so many positive habits that we are ready to face another year. A New Year. A year that this once “big” and “scary” goal we saw as impossible, is now broken down and CAN be attainable. Sometimes resolutions can’t be completely solved in a years time. It’s so important to understand that with each healthy habit maintained from previous years, healthy solutions to our next “big” thing can be set and obtained using our method from the years before.

Does that make sense?

“Remember, it is not the extent of the change that matters, but rather the act of recognizing that lifestyle change is important and working toward it, one step at a time.”

– Psychologist Lynn Bufka

5. Talk about it… ask for support!

Most of the time, family and friends are in the same boat as you. The stress of resolutions happen to the best of us. The good thing is, we are all in different stages of life and can offer advice to those that feel unsure of where to start. Encouragement is everywhere you go, whether it be joining a support group, a workout class or learning something completely out of your comfort zone. Resolutions are not supposed to be a stressful thing, but an encouragement in itself to better ourselves and to create a positive outlook on life with each New Year.

With that, resolutions should be taken seriously for this very reason. When we make them and strive to achieve (for the most part) them, we grow. With growing, we slowly walk into different stages of life – learning from past behaviours and reevaluating how to handle future situations whether it be in our own lives or not.

6. Make a list.

For me, I would consider myself a list maker. From grocery lists to music lists to 10 year goal lists to #10ReasonsWhy lists… I’m guilty. I’m human for heavens sake! But sometimes lists can create unnecessary stress. angus-phil

Write the list, check it twice, but don’t expect it to all be completed in the first few months (or to be nice!). You, in your head, start from January 1st and take a look at the 12 months remaining. Lists are much like trying to lose weight. You look at what you need to do, you know what you need to do, but you say “I’ll do it on Monday” or “I’ll start it after this weekend”. Which, unfortunately, seems to come faster than you’d hoped.

For resolutions, that “Monday” feeling will probably never go away. Why aim to “start” on January 1st, when you know it needs to happen now? Lists are a great way to just outline your goals. Start one before the New Year so you can brainstorm ways to actually slowly start before that dreaded “Monday” feeling takes over (and creates a vicious cycle).

7. Don’t make the same resolution year after year.

Been there, done that. Not only does the same goal you’ve “failed” time and time again make you feel bad, but it takes away from the resolutions that could really benefit you.

For as long as I can remember, every year, much like many others, I surrounded my resolutions with how I looked – how I wanted to be in better shape and to eat better. With each year that “failed”, my attitude failed. I became bitter and jealous of those that were successful with their goals, even if they weren’t appearance based.

That is why this year will be different for me. I am choosing kindness and balance. I’ve always had difficulty managing my time and money appropriately, which results in bad habits and bad attitudes. By choosing kindness and balance, no matter my weight or what I look like, I pray that it not only heals me, but others as well. Kindness is what gives others hope and balance is what keeps one sane in order to be kind… am I right?

8. When others see you striving towards your goals, they too have the potential to strive for their own.

Throughout our lives, we’ve heard so many different opinions on resolutions – bogus or a blessing? This can lead to disregarding our own thoughts and feelings on this form of renewal, whether we think so or not.

This post by no means is to conform anyone against resolutions to suddenly become a believer in them, but those who struggle with or feel stuck in life can either really benefit from someone else’s perspective or can really be damaged by it. It’s proven that as humans, when we see others striving or struggling… we reflect.

In some form or another, we all need to reflect on the previous year. Why not reflect by making resolutions to better ourselves in order to better others that need encouragement?

 9. Whoever you are leading by example will also be lead by your way of systematically handling things.

11-10-child-looking-upFor example, if you have children – they watch your every move! By building yourself up now, whatever point in life, children and those who you lead by example will greatly benefit. Teaching yourself to celebrate success with grace and how important it is to see yourself as a (humble) winner will, throughout time, encourage those who look up to you.

10. Ultimately, there is a plan and a purpose for your upcoming year.

The utmost important factor to a successful year is to believe there is a purpose. Through each and every disappointment or achievement, be thankful. Understanding that you have a purpose in this New Year will teach you in ways that is beyond what you can fathom.


Final Thoughts…

I hope that as you enter into this New Year, you will be fortified with strength – list or no list. I encourage you to seek out support when your motivation begins to fail and that you find joy in whatever comes your way.

See you next year… 😉



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