Finding Hope in Abandonment

To leave and never return to, to withdraw, to escape… we have all felt abandonment at some point in our life. This week I was located in British Columbia (Canada) and had such an amazing time there with my family and was thankful to see one of my older brothers baptized – purifying his soul with the joy of the Lord within him. Throughout my time out west, although there were some awesome adventures, some not-so-great stories trickled out in the news and in hometowns of my very own friends.

I am currently enjoying a book called “Captivating” written by John & Stasi Eldredge and unveils the mystery of a woman’s soul (a book for all you ladies out there that I highly encourage reading – the revised and expanded version) and the chapter that I read last night was called ‘A Special Hatred’, which zero’s in on the story of Adam & Eve. The chapter begins with Stasi’s beautiful garden – full of vibrant colours and clearly exudes the light and joy within her. One night, it starts to hail. And it hails hard. SO hard that Stasi’s garden, one that gives her so much joy and see’s it as beautiful, is now completely destroyed. Now, while I was away, the devastating news of Fort Mcmurray spread like wildfire – literally. The once beheld beauty and joy of this city, home to many, is being destroyed slowly and surely through every night and every day.

Not only is this an awful tragedy, but it is only one of so many other tragic destructions of beauty that holds one answer. The answer is Satan – once perfect in beauty, but not the main event. His heart was consumed with pride and fell because of his gorgeous exterior. Shockingly, he had enough room in his heart to make for a purpose. Not the kind of purpose you’d imagine for your own life, but a purpose to destroy and strike at all of life’s beauty given to us in our wholesome world. In the garden of Eden, Eve was tempted by Satan to eat the forbidden fruit. They lived in this beautiful garden and all was right, until the temptation was followed through and Eve took a bite into Satan’s true purpose.

With this being said, whatever feeling of abandonment you are feeling or have felt. Just know, you are a powerhouse! We were created to be God’s beautiful and powerful lovers and because of that we are despised by Satan and the realm of darkness.

So next time you feel abandoned in the midst of a wildfire in your own life and struggle to find the beauty and power you have deep in your soul, remember to read about God’s true heart in Jeremiah 30:16-17. As said in the book Captivating, “you really won’t understand your life as a woman or man until you understand this: You are passionately loved by the God of the universe and passionately hated by His enemy.”

You. Are. Passionately. Loved.


PS. This book I talk about is specified for women only, but today’s post is tailored towards each and every one of you. John writes a book for the men out there, that I guarantee is just as enjoyable as the book I am currently reading.

PPS. Please continue to pray for rain and support the events of Fort Mcmurray as there seems to be no sign of a decline in the fire.



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