Ahh… Where To Begin?

Hello fellow coffee drinkers, curious minds and friends…

As some of you have now read over my profile page, you have gathered two sources of information. One, that I believe coffee is a gift sent from the heavens – mornings just don’t function without it. And two, I am a Jesus freak, lover, seeker and follower of the One who has made me, well, me – the next person in line that has hopped onto the blog writing bandwagon.

If you are joining me today with a hot cup of coffee in one hand and scrolling through this short post with the other, ahhh… sip on my friend and enjoy my first blog!

I just want to start by saying hey! Deciding to start a blog for those of you who are in the midst of seeking, followers who feel stuck and even some who may be trying to ‘trim the fat’ from your lives rattled around in my mind for awhile, but I finally came to the conclusion that the only real reason for writing down my scattered thoughts is well… why not? Not only am I writing this for those of you who fit the criteria above, but for myself. Someone who is along side many of you, constantly learning yet still so desperately hungry for more of His word, unsure how to find the rhythm in my day to day life that is able to satisfy that hunger.

I look forward to sharing parts of my journey with whoever may be reading this and challenge you today to write down ten things you are thankful for. A bonus for today will be to meditate on 1 Chronicles 22:19 – “Now set your mind and heart to seek the LORD your God.” He will renew your mind if you are willing to open it!

Thanks for reading today, friends.

God bless (this cup of coffee),



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